The Acer AT3265 32-Inch 1080p LCD TV

Many individuals have been planning to get themselves a LCD TV, and many individuals have already picked up one. However you will discover that when these TV’s were first released many households were unable to afford this new technology. But over the last couple of years the prices on these particular TV’s began to come down. The Acer AT3265 32-Inch 1080p LCD TV, is one of those TV’s that have come down in selling price and exactly what we will be looking at today.

Acer has been well known for their laptops and most of you know that. But one thing you have to know is that Acer is not just a leader in laptops but they also manufacture high quality TV’s. The TV we are looking at is their 32 inch TV that’s HD ready with 1080p. As the model of this specific TV states, this unit comes with a 32 inch screen which is a very good size for many homes. You will also soon recognize that the TV will end up using less electricity as Acer followed the energy star guidelines such as its LCD technology. Which means that this TV will use much less electricity than the outdated box type TV’s.

Something that is definitely really great about this device is that you could even end up using this for your computer. Given that a 23 inch computer monitor typically sells for more than $200, using this TV which only costs $299 through Amazon, is a great way to get a huge monitor for your computer. So for all you gamers out there who actually want to get the most out of your video gaming this really is wonderful. And if you’re a heavy game player you know that size really does matter with regards to your computer screen.

You will additionally love the fact that this TV comes with high definition resolution of 1080p. This means that no matter what you may use this TV for you can be confident your going to be receiving the best images available. I am sure you already know that broadcast TV has switched over to being digital and this TV has integrated the particular digital TV technology. This means you will be able to watch all of your broadcast shows without having to buy a separate digital converter. They actually included in several HDMI connections which makes it easy to hook up your blue ray player. Of course if you don’t have a blue ray player yet, that’s not an issue, however you might want to get one to make the most of this TV.